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Used car: Don't forget the visual inspection

Here are a few things that should be checked out before buying a used vehicle. No tools necessary, all you need… is your eyes!


  • The paint should have a uniform colour everywhere
  • Windows should be lowered and raised easily
  • Look all over the vehicle for rust : the underbody, under the car mats, inside the doors, wings and wheel housings
  • The joints, door rubbers, the lid of the trunk and the sunroof should not leak
  • The condition of the tires


  • Lift the car mats to detect any traces of humidity and check if the seal is perfectly tight
  • Make sure that all the controls on board are functional (heat, air conditioning, brake lights, wipers, etc.)
  • The spare tire should be inflated and in good condition

This could save you a lot of trouble…

Source: L’Annuel de l’auto d’occasion 2017

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