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In car financing, the pre-approval term is increasingly used. Many people wonder what is the definition, or what it is for. It's very simple, a pre-approval car loans looks just like a pre-approved mortgage, it lets you know how you can finance the purchase of your next vehicle. At Prêt à Rabais, our brokers specialize in this approach and will guide you whether for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd chance for credit. By completing our credit application form, we can make the analysis of your case and give you the amount you are allowed for the search of your new vehicle.

At Prêt à Rabais, we have agreements with specialized credit institutions that allow us to offer you this option with or without cash depending on your application.

Our secure website allows you to trade your personal information to the highest safety standards and recognized by all major financial institutions.

Submit an online credit application with confidence now. Our specialized credit brokers will be able to get you a car loan even if you are in one of these situations:

  • Bankruptcy, released or not
  • Proposal to non-supplemented consumers
  • Retired with pension
  • Consolidation de dettes
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Accrued liabilities
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Delayed payments
  • Voluntary surrender of a vehicle
  • Bad Credit
  • Divorced
  • Unemployed
  • First job
  • Low income
  • No credit history
  • First major credit Cases
  • Newcomer (social insurance number starting with 9)

Whether you are in your first bankruptcy, or second, whether released or not, our specialized credit brokers can get you pre-approved credit through our agreements with institutions in specialized financing. Generally, this will be offered without up-front contribution. Our credit application will allow you to obtain adequate financing for the purchase of your next vehicle.

Often the beginning of a new job can cause difficulties at securing a major loan. Prêt à Rabais is able to get you financing from institutions with which we are accredited even if you are just beginning or a contractual employee. Whether you need a regular credit financing or a specialized credit, you will be approved.

To get a car loan, you need have to have income, your new job provides the income needed to obtain a loan, especially if you need your car for work.

Filling out our credit application form for one of our brokers can give you additional information for your future car loan.

Access to car finance for newcomers can be problematic. Prêts à Rabais through its agreements with several lenders can offer you a car loan even if you have just arrived in Quebec and you do not have Canadian citizenship, that is, you have a social insurance number which begins with a "9".

You must know that you will have access to regular or specialized financing, depending on what you can provide as a prerequisite required. In the worst case, an initial contribution between 25% and 40% of the vehicle sale price will give you the approval you need. Fill out our form so our brokers can give you the additional information you need.

Whether you are retired with a pension or you're no longer in the labor market, but you receive a pension, Prêt à Rabais is able to offer you a car loan with its main financial institutions or with its specialized financial institutions.

Our credit brokers can assist you in the process and answer your questions, you simply have to fill out our form.

Obtaining a loan for self-employed individuals is often more difficult than a loan for an employee. Prêts à Rabais can help you get funding, because we know very well that the analysis of the self-employed application is not done in the same way as that of an employee. By completing our credit form, our brokers will be able to direct you to our lenders specialized in this type of situation.

Our status of car finance broker allows us to offer you access to all of our regular financial institutions and specialized credit even if you want to finance the purchase of a vehicle from an individual. You can also take advantage of our extended warranty services, and loan insurance.

We will ensure that the vehicle you want funding for is not found in the Register of personal and real property rights (PPSA) and has not been in an accident with CarProof history report.

If there is a creditor, we also ensure that the debt will be completely paid. We will need information / contact of the seller. The mechanical inspection of the vehicle will be at your expense.

You should note that the vehicle will be sold to you plus GST-QST and the seller, if desired, will be able to benefit from its tax rebate for the purchase of another vehicle.

The seller and the buyer are winners.

Get your pre-approval from the same financial institutions if the vehicle came from our network and buy the vehicle of an individual by completing our application form.

Whether you want to finance a used vehicle purchased from an individual, a trader or dealer, Prêts à Rabais specializing in car financing for all credit types.

Whether you need first, second or third chance credit, our brokers are looking for the best rates available from all of our financial institutions.

Our finance specialist brokers take the time to analyze each credit report to refer them to the proper financial institution immediately and do as little requests as possible for you to keep the best credit.

By applying for a credit application with Prêts à Rabais, you will always get the best rates without having to shop for it anywhere.

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Car Financing at the Best Credit Rate in Montreal, on the South and the North Shore!

You want a car loan in the Montreal area, but your poor credit is closing doors on you? At Prêt à Rabais, we can help you borrow money to purchase a vehicle, at most advantageous rates according to your financial situation. Indeed, we do business with the major renowned financial institutions, which enables you to get interesting rates and to target the ones which will provide you with the best financing conditions. Thanks to our auto credit simulation tool, you will quickly have a preview of your monthly payments. Whether you live in Terrebonne or near Joliette, Blainville or St-Jerome, contact us today to obtain car financing at the best rate near Laval on the North Shore!

Asking for a loan when you have declared bankruptcy or when you are self-employed, unemployed or divorced is no easy thing! Which is why it is important to not trust your file in the hands of amateurs, who could cause even damage by applying at several places. At Prêt à Rabais in Lanaudiere, we process your application with the utmost care to protect your financial reputation. Whether it is your 1st request for financing or whether you need a 2nd chance credit—or even a 3rd one—we will provide you with car financing at the best rates near Laval on the North Shore! What is more, our personal loan simulator will tell you exactly how much you will have to pay monthly when acquiring your vehicle.

Once you have obtained your used car credit, you can select your next pre-owned car among the wide inventory offered by our affiliate dealerships. And as we are able to provide you with fast auto credit, you can return home promptly with your new vehicle, often in 24 to 72 hours. As you can see, there are only benefits to dealing with us to obtain a quick loan at advantageous rates! If you are shopping for auto credit near St-Jerome, Blainville and Joliette, think Prêt à Rabais!

To find out more about our car loans in the Montreal and Lanaudiere areas, about our credit calculator, about the available vehicles or to fill out an application, contact us today at Prêt à Rabais in Terrebonne and take advantage of car financing at the best rates near Laval on the North Shore!