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 Evaluate your borrowing capacity

It’s always a must to know in advance how much we can borrow before shopping for a vehicle. Our team can do the evaluation of your file and get your pre-approval. Like that, you will know exactly in which range of price and type of vehicle you can shop for.

 Plan your budget

To obtain a healthy credit, it is important to plan a budget and respect it. Therefore, we take time to establish the right budget with each customer.

 Analysis of your credit report

Our experts take the time with you to do a complete walkaround of your credit situation. This way, we can get the right pre-approval for your needs.

 Rebuild your credit

We understand that every customer has a different credit situation. This is why Prêt à Rabais offers you a personalized consulting service with the goal of increasing your credit over time.

*Management fees are applicable only if you complete the purchase and financing of a vehicle. Details in store.

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 Select your vehicle

We can do the vehicle research for you among our 150 affiliated car dealerships, according to your requirements. For you, we get all the relative informations of the vehicle, the general condition, if the car was previously involved in an accident, we also take the appointment to see and road-test the vehicle and more!

 Applicable warranties on the vehicle

There are many kinds of warranties that are applicable on a vehicle, including the base functionality warranty, the legal warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty and the extended warranty. We will find for you which warranties are currently applicable to the vehicle you are looking to purchase.

 Vehicle insurance

We can also help you to shop for your vehicle insurance by referring you to our insurance brokers network.

 Credit insurance

We believe that a credit insurance can help you to face the unforeseen as a death, a sickness, a disability or a job loss. Therefore, we will be able to do an evaluation of your needs and offer you the appropriate protections.

*Management fees are applicable only if you complete the purchase and financing of a vehicle. Details in store.

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