We can finance the vehicle of Marcel, Martine or whoever you want !

Financing the vehicule of a particular seller

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  • I authorize Prêt à Rabais to obtain a copy of my credit report.

Our team can guide you through the process of buying and financing the vehicle of a particular seller.

  • We offer
  • CheckAccess to 15 financial institutions and more
  • Check1st, 2nd, 3rd chance credit
  • CheckPaying of the debt balance on the vehicle if needed
  • CheckCarproof history of the vehicle
  • CheckVerification of the inspection of the vehicle
  • CheckPayment by certified check / bank draft
  • *Management fees are applicable only if you complete the purchase and financing of a vehicle. Details in store.

Financing the vehicle of a particular seller

  • 01

    We finance

    We do an evaluation with you of all the financing options for which you are eligible among our financial institutions of 1st, 2nd & 3rd chance credit in order to get you a pre-approval for the amount needed to purchase the vehicle from the particular seller.

  • 02

    We verify

    Our team makes sure to do all the necessary verifications on the chosen vehicle to avoid bad surprises, like a vehicle that is not free of debt or was involved in an accident.

  • 03

    We recommend

    Have an exclusive access to a specialized team that can guide and make recommendations all along the buying process of a buying a vehicle from a particular seller. Take advantage of precious tips that could make you save a lot !