For the professionalism, service and knowledge for car leasing from its auto credit brokers.
Advertised vehicles are available in each of our affiliated dealers in Quebec. The inventory is always changing and the demand is such that we cannot guarantee the availability of the vehicle. Once your credit is approved, we will confirm the availability of the vehicle from the dealer and you schedule an appointment.
No. You can complete the application and receive your approval online or by phone. You will not have to move until you need to sign your contract once you have selected your vehicle.
Your credit history, the type of car you buy, the amount you need, the amount of the initial deposit are all factors that can influence your interest rate. How to know exactly? Fill out an online application and we will give you your options.
Home financing is often the dealer or merchant who requests a down payment and charging you a higher interest rate. We can offer you the equivalent but with recognized specialized agencies who will report your credit bureau payment habits and allow you to restore it.
The online application and analysis of your credit file are free. However, depending on your credit report, if we have to buy for you a vehicle from one of our affiliated dealers, there will be a documentation fee of $695 plus tax. If the vehicle seller is an individual you will be charged $895 plus tax. You have the possibility of paying cash or including it in your financing.
Yes. Once your pre-approval is obtained and your have chosen your vehicle, the dealer of your new vehicle will give you the amount for your trade and we can consider it in your transaction for you to save on taxes.
Absolutely. When the vehicle you want is sold by a particular individual, we make sure the vehicle is not found in the Register of personal and real property rights (PPSA) and has not been in an accident with the Carproof report. If he is a creditor, we also ensure that the debt will be paid in full. You will have access to the same financial institutions as if the vehicle came from our network. We will need the seller information / contact.
What you need to know! The vehicle will be purchased, plus GST, QST and the seller will be able to benefit from its tax rebate for the purchase of another vehicle if desired. The mechanical inspection of the vehicle will be at your expense.
Yes. You have to let us know its location and we will do all the necessary checks on the dealer and vehicle to ensure that you make a good buy in the right place.
Yes. Each time you take a loan, it is reported to the credit bureau. When you apply for pre-approval with us, our dealers target the most likely lender to be favorable to you and limit the number of inquiries to the credit bureau. Therefore, do not wait! Complete an online application now and you could drive your next vehicle today.
In general, we will contact you within the hour. From there, depending on your credit profile, we will tell you the time needed. It is possible that you leave with your new vehicle the same day. In general, it takes between 24 and 72 hours.
Yes, even if your social insurance number begins with "9" we have financing options available to you. You will either need a co-applicant or an initial down payment of 20% to 40% depending on the financial institutions.
Prêt à Rabais can help! We know the analysis of the application of a self-employed individual is different from that of an employee, which is why we have lenders who specialize in this type of case.
Even if you are not active in the labor market, we can get you financing tailored to your profile from our first instance financial institutions or with our specialized institutions.
Whether you are in your first bankruptcy, or your second, whether paid or not, we are accredited by institutions specialized in financing that will approve you application and offer you adequate funding for the purchase of your next vehicle.
You can drive with peace of mind by adding our coverage on your new purchase. Whether an extended warranty, a Loan Insurance (life insurance, disability insurance or critical illness insurance) we offer products from the best companies in the industry. Again you save and win because we offer the best products at the best prices.
You've just started a new job, we can get you financing from financial institutions with which we are accredited. Whether you need regular or special financing you will be pre-approved. To get a car loan you need to have income, your new job provides income needed to obtain a loan, especially if you need your car for work.
Certainly. If you have a vehicle for sale and you offer in your ad the possibility of financing the purchase you have a lot more likely to get offers. As we deal with all financial institutions, the purchaser will benefits from the best interest rate and whatever your financial situation we can offer a financing solution. In addition, we can also offer an extended warranty and the option to take a loan insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance. With Prêt à Rabais, you can offer car financing on the sale of your car and you can benefit from a tax credit when purchasing your next vehicle.

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