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Modification or Annulation of Service

Modification or Annulation of Service

Information Accuracy

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Display your car on

Prêt à Rabais offers you the possibility to create your own ad to sell your car without any fee. For us to be able to finance the car, we require the car to be 2010 or more, with less than 160 000 km and it can’t be reconstructed (Heavily damaged vehicles). We ask you to be as precise as possible with the information you provide for your ad to be approved. Every ad will be verified and will have to be approved by our agents before being displayed. Plan a 24-48 open hour delay. As soon as your ad will be authorized, you’ll receive a confirmation email and your car will be on the website for a 30-day period. After that delay, you’ll receive a renewal email. If you still haven’t sold your car, you will be able to renew it on our website.

Display fee on

There is no display fee. There will have a two hundred ninety-five (295.00$) that will be billed if Prêt à Rabais sells your car to one of its pre-authorized clients. Also, if Prêt à Rabais buys the car, we will require an inspection in a garage of our choice before closing the transaction. The inspection will be covered by Prêt à Rabais. You will have to move to our office, in Terrebonne or in Quebec City, to complete the transaction.

Request for Information on the Displayed Vehicle

The requests for information on your displayed vehicle will be transmitted by email. It might be possible that we’d be able to sell your vehicle to our preapproved clients, if it’s the case, our internal agents will contact you by email and phone. You are free to accept or refuse the buy offer that is made to you. We also can offer your car to our affiliated dealers so they can make you an offer.

We can’t take responsibility for independent buyers and their actions. When we receive requests of information on your ad, we will send you an email with the future buyer’s information. At this point, you will begin your negotiation together. We only serve as intermediate and we can’t take responsibility for any agreement taken between you and the buyer.

Applicable Law

This website operates from Terrebone, Quebec, Canada. Any conflict that may happen between a user and Prêt à Rabais Inc. will be governed by Quebec’s applicable laws and Canadian’s applicable laws. You also accept to submit every action nor procedures that can be, in any way, linked to this website in the jurisdiction of Quebec’s tribes, located in Montreal.